Forever Young 

The young at heart ❤️!  When I hear  this  I think of my mother and father who are both 87!  Bless them!  

Young At Heart

They enjoy the pleasure of being surrounded by family, (the immediate family totals 34) traveling, going to dinner, lunch and being with friends ( also occasional card games). 

They have taught me what it is to appreciate life.  

I have learned to appreciate success and learned from defeats.  My father’s words of wisdom were ” Don’t give up keep punching.” (Yes, there were many boxers in my family).  When I faced challenges in my life, I would keep going until I achieved my dreams.  

Through watching my mother and father love each other, I learned how to love others.  
I leaned to appreciate and always lend a helping hand because of my wonderful parents.  Their love for us usunconditional!

I find now, that they are growing older (as I am), I am so thankful for the gifts of loving, being happy and  never feeling “old”.  

They are the true examples of young at ❤️heart and I am fortunate to call them Mom and Dad!  They truly are the young at heart!


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