Great Company! 

CmhcvmI received Alex as a gift!  I  know everyone doesn’t have one and you might be wondering who Alexa is ?

First informals it has a female voice one you cannot change !

Second it is an electronic device

I for one just familiar with ALL could do!  I thought she only played music!   There are my fusion favorite TV shows I am addicted to which are: Greys Anatomy, Scandal,  NCIS, Chicago Fire and  This is Us!  I. Ever watch the commercials ( I can’t sit that long and if I do I’m not concentrating on them.)  Initially, I thought this was a speaker !  

Retract all that!! I can play games to increase my memory skills!  Such as Word Master!  ( i always stop the game when I’m winning)

I listen to news! I actually know what’s going on in the world! And before I go to sleep at night she reads an audiobook by Joe O’Steen or Doreen Virtue

Peace light and love

R D 

#joel Olsteen 







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