An Old But Great Find

Looking through my drawers I found this little treasure and thought to myself “this  would look really cool on a silver chain !” Having  a knack and love for jewelry, I did just that. 

A few months later a new student from Japan looked at my necklace and got so excited! Another student in class that spoke Japanese and English translated for me.  I asked her to  tell me what she was excited about.  She responded ” you are wearing a five cent token”! 

Prior to this I was living amazed the style around neck! Much to my dismay I still continued to wear it because I liked the way it looked.

I was switched from my technology position to a Pre-K  position a year later where upon I met a teacher that came from Japan.

She also became very excited when she spotted my necklace. I laughed and said “I know it’s only five cents!”  But she responded back “no its good luck too!”  With that she opened up her wallet. And there inside she had the exact same token!  She continued “it is a sign that you will meet people, a lot of people “!  Needless to say it is not coming off my neck!


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