Keep Calm

I thought this would be a  good reminder to all.   Strive for peace and not chaos.   A wise man ( My Dad) once told me, In order to gain peace, build someone’s self worth and eliminate hunger in this world  šŸŒŽ, everyone should just concentrate on their own home.    He continued, never turn your back on someone in need, but strong values and beliefs start at home. 

My first concern is my home and loved ones but I do reach out often to the community and those less fortunate.  But the majority of my time and energy is placed in my home.  I hope I have built a  Sound foundation of values which my children will carry on with their families.


2 thoughts on “Keep Calm

  1. I agree fully that everything starts from the home, without values what are we? Teaching your children solid life values and lessons is worth every second you put into it many times over when you see them doing as you taught them.

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