The Gifts

The best irreplaceable gift I received was being with my entire family. This is truly a gift unlike no other !  There was a positive vibe of energy that filed my Mom and Dad’s house!

My daughter kept telling me she had gotten me a gift that I would definitely use each day. So as time went on and Christmas neared I started to get a little curious and wondered what it could be. I thought could be clothes? Could it be some kind of item that I need? But there was nothing that I possibly could use!  I just asked to be together on Christmas day with my entire family that was my biggest gift.

Well Christmas Day arrived, and my daughter presented me with a small box. Immediately I started to eliminate from my mind things that I thought of by the size of the box.  The suspense grew and I started to unwrap the gift slowly, extremely slowly.

When I opened the gift I found was an Alexa echo! This was beyond anything I ever imagined! I can find out the news,  the weather, interesting facts, play games and honestly it seems like there’s an endless amount of things that it “shecan do! Oh I forgot to tell you she read an entire audible book for me in one day while I walked around the house. To say the least it was truly a surprise! 


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