Since I was a young child I always loved jewelry. I tried on my both my mothers and grandmothers jewelry and walked around in their high heel shoes.( Always)

As I grew older I bought my own jewelry and always searched for
something that was very unique,
that no one else had! That’s when the lightbulb went off in my head and I started to design my very own line of jewelry. I called It Jammin’ Jewels!  At first I made jewelry just for myself and family. Once people started to admire my jewelry I took orders and created designs for others .Today Jammin’ Jewels is still alive, but not in full force since my injury .    I am hoping that soon I will gain back my coordination to design more pieces of jewelry. In the meantime here are just a few pieces, f and when I say a few,  (I mean just a few pieces ) that I wear on the on a daily basis.  I wear these because literally they match with everything that I wear !  It is a little bit of gray, a little bit of gold, there are my praying hands my wings with my heart I have a little green I have some brown going on so whatever I put on, it’s going to match!  Now if it is a black-and-white day, I just go with the silver and the silver and gray! Since it’s summer time Brown seems to blend ! My bracelets are durable and easy to slide on especially if I’m on the go!


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