Sea Glass

A couple of years ago I remodeled my kitchen.  Two cabinets were removed to open up the kitchen. Unfortunately when I did this, it left a hole inside one of the cabinets because they were attached. I sat and pondered what should I do! Should I fill it in with another piece of wood ?Should I put the cabinet back up?!Should  I put some wood putty on and paint it?Then it came to my mind ..Sea glass! I love Sea glass! I thought how beautiful would it look when the sunshine comes through th the window  The glass would  glimmers and sparkle!  A dear friend of mine who collected Sea glass came over and we went through all the Sea glass! we carefully selected the right colors and shapes to fit this area!  I wish I had started this blog earlier so I could’ve showed you the process because it truly was a grueling process it took us a few days to pick select sore some had to be the right shape and fit. It makes my house, my kitchen, very unique. So additionally I decided to add some more Sea Glass  to make a more polished and uniformed look! I’m sure it’s not for everyone but I love it!


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