Some people collect shoes, others collect stamps, I on the other hand collect sunglasses and bracelets!  This photo is just a small collection of my sunglasses. There are 28 sunglasses on the floor.(This does not include the two spare pair and two that I wear on a daily basis), they’re always with me so that means I have 32 sunglasses in all!)   It  may not seem like a lot but over the years, my collection had risen to 100 pairs of glasses. I started to weed through them and decide which ones I really never would wear or no one would ever take. Anytime someone’s glasses broke,my house was the place to stop to get a pair!  

It’s almost like a going through time when I look at my sunglasses. It reminds me of my younger days my 20s it reminds me of my 30s it’s just like looking through a photo album.  Styles change and sunglasses have changed with them.
It is fun to put on the different sunglasses never in one starts to laugh because they can’t imagine ever wear that style! But funny house as we say styles come back in fashion and so do the sunglasses! In fact, a couple of years ago we were going through my sunglass collection and everyone were hysterical aboout  the big sunglasses and oh how could I ever wear those on my face. Now everywhere you look you see nothing but large sunglasses! 

Amazingly I love each and every peer and everyone of them hold a memory! What are some collections you have?


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