Saying Goodbye To A Friend

Today I have a heavy heart. I’m going to say goodbye not see you later to a very dear and special friend I have known her since middle school. It’s been about 40 years and suddenly without any warning she has been taken from her family her friends her children and her loved ones. I will never get to call her again which saddens me and breaks my heart and soul. My heart breaks or her children and husband. It is a sad day today and I know I am being repetitious but I really have no words for this. I think I want to write this because I want everyone to make sure that you hope and love your friends and family and tell them you love them. It’s important, though sometimes you may feel like you’ve told him 1 million times or show them and million times one could be the last time. Make sure you check in with them daily just to hello will suffice it only takes a minute. I her many wonderful memories of my friend but the fact that I can pick up the phone and call her and tell her my secrets or something that’s going on in my life is hurting. Watch your family grief breaks my heart. I apologize for the somber blog today but needed to release this feeling although it’s not going to make it any better. Remember always say “I’ll see you later!”








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