The Titanic

I  know it’s not the anniversary of the Titanic but this is a childhood memory.(Don’t  get ahead of yourself, I’m not that old! )

When I was a child we had a cellar/basement.  In the basement there are various things for example,  a huge furnace that looked  like a  large antique ship and hiss when it would make steam along with the washer and the dryer and clothes lines because  back in the day when it was winter time people hung clothes in the basement to dry or if you didn’t feel like showing your underwear off to the neighborhood. 

There was a large pool table and above the pool table was a gold framed picture of the Titanic . As we grow older I fixated on the Titanic.  I was drawn to the colors and just that massive size of the picture.  (I was small and it looked larger than life to me as a child)

As time went on we eventually moved and I often wondered whatever happened to the Titanic picture .  It wasn’t hanging on the wall in the new house so where did it to go? 

Later on in life I discovered that my brother had the painting that once hung in our basement.  He was downsizing from a huge home to a condominium.  He decided this would not go with their Decor and asked me if I would like the picture that once hung in the basement. I was so excited and said “I can have the Titanic ?”

He said” I don’t think it’s the Titanic .I think it’s a Lusitania .”

I insisted it was the Titanic. He came to my house on a sunny summer morning. To my surprise it was wrapped in newspaper .  He wrapped it so that the colors would not fade ( He is a printer by trade and is aware on how to preserve the colors from fading)

It was marked 1962, and when we unwrapped it my brother’s  jaw dropped when he saw that it was the Titanic!  He said” All these years I thought it was the Lusitania!”

I told him he could keep it I’d he wanted, but he insisted I keep it ! He looked at me and ” It’s yours “

When my Dad discovered I had the painting he told us a story of how he had admired the painting as a child and a friend of his fathers gave it to him.  That was around 80 years ago.

It is a reverse glass painting.  I gaze at it everyday and think of all the lives lost trying to make this triumphant voyage.

Sorry if is a bit dark, but all window dressings are closed due to extreme heat!


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