Animal Rescue





I apologize for the picture of the dog behind bars, but read on it’s a happy ending.  It breaks my heart because she looks so sad.

Today I went to the animal shelter with a friend.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, I am on the hunt for a dog.  I am preferably looking for a small dog, that is trained, likes children (my grandchildren) and doesn’t shed.  But any dog will do…they will love you unconditionally, listen to your every triumph or woe of the day.  

Throughout my lifetime, I have had many dogs.  They ranged from Mutts to Pedigree as follows:  Two dogs which were a Lab/Shepard Mix, a Dalmatian, a Shitzu, and finally my Dachshund. 

Now when I drop food, I must immediately pick it up.  The dog isn’t here to eat it off the floor.

I came across this beautiful dog at the shelter, it is a white Shepard!  There were two! Sweet as pie! I went in to inquire but fortunately and unfortunately, BOTH of the dogs were being adopted by the same family!  In a few short hours she will be happy as a lark!



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