Birthday Celebrations at Brazi’s in New Haven!

I felt like there was an endless amount of birthdays this month! In total there were six birthday celebrations I attended.   Tonight tops off the birthdays with our annual Birthday Bash at Brazi’s restaurant in New Haven!

Why Brazis?  Simple!  Because the owner Val is a genuine and hospitable man.  Val personally greets each customer.   He along with his staff  make you feel like you’re in their home! ( Cimfortable)

The food is delicious.   ( These are just our appetizers) Tonight I’m not going devour every appetizers a( Although I want to). I am going to continue eating clean.  My reason is the vast majority of the appetizers are fried.  I will indulge in broccoli rabe! My favorite!

Here are some of the apps! Fried Calamari below .
 Potatoes, hot pepper, and sausage below.

There were a total of eight appetizers tonight. ( When you go our with my family, plan on eating or skipping meals)  They included:  Clams Casino, Clams Orgeganata, Steamers, Broccoli Rabe, Fried Calamari, Fried Spicy Calamari, Fried Artichokes and Fried Mozzarella!


Here is my main entree!   Oh yah!!   This is salmon over a bed of spinach with hot peppers! It was delicious!!!  The portion was so large I had to take some home !

Here are two of my four siblings entrees!  Shrimp over spinach.

Chicken Cacciatore with hot peppers

 We capped off the dinner with Tiramasu and singing Happy Birthday once again!

As in most families we recalled stories of past events and enjoyed one another’s company.

We ended the night with hugs and kisses.

#Brazi#fine dining


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