Love Amazon

I was not paid to place this but wanted to share.  I love Amazon for many reasons. First and foremost,  I’m a prime customer and that makes all the difference!  You might be wondering where prime customers probably not because you probably are one already but if you are let me first you in being a prime customer. Prime customer will get their delivery faster and at a discounted rate!  You were able to view videos, keep your photos backed up to Amazon, and also music!

The second thing I like well maybe it’s the first thing, but they have my coffee year-round when Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t! You see I’m addicted, maybe that’s too strong of a word  I LOVE  this  one flavor. It is only around in the fall .  So after I stocked up, and almost bought every bag, I finally discovered it was on Amazon for me to buy at any time! My brain was a D’s I mean at ease. I can now have my coffee that I loved it anytime of the year? Could this be?  So I ordered it!

A day later what to my wondering eyes should appear ? No, not Santa Claus and eight tiny reindeer but a brown paper package with three Pumpkin spice DD’s in there!

I wanted to share this story because I know many of you out there love pumpkin spice coffee and are waiting for October to come around!  Yes I’m well aware that you can get the flavor pumpkin spice at one of the small little coffee shops in town but it doesn’t taste the same .

  1. So what’s your favorite coffee?


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