The Waiting Game

I do believe that the most difficult and challenging time a person must endure is when they have to wait.  It’s like a roller coaster event!  You laugh with Family and friends who have come to wait with you while your loved one is undergoing surgery yet, you watch the sadness in the waiting room.  Other families waiting may not receive good news or may be sitting alone to wait for the time of surgery to pass.  ( It’s like having surgery , yet you don’t feel the pain or after effects unless you receive tragic and unexpected news.
There was one lady I could not help but over hear her conversation. Her Mom had a mass and the daughter knew nothing about it! The brother was explaining that she had it for a while and didn’t want to tell her daughter. This poor girl was broken hearted and you could feel her pain. Please share your concerns with others.
When a family receives unfortunate news we begin to wait our turn. Expecting this will happen to us .


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