Some Little Shops in Stonington

Unfortunately,  because I had my friend’s dog with me and it’s getting tired of asking every store owner if I could take the dog in! I must say each and every store owners I did ask atfirst was a little apprehensive but did said “Yes”! Thete was only one store, and I can’t recall the name of the store  ( I wish I did) that refused. In fact one store owner had a dog in their store a small little tiny half poodle on their coach and the poodle started to bark viciously at my frirnds’s large dog.  Needless to say we left that store quickly because I was afraid it was going to be an encounter! Imagine a little dog!

The scenery and the storefronts were quite exquisite the only exception and frustration I had was that they closed early and it was nowhere conditioning in the vast majority of the stores!   


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