I know for many the storm might be a small one, while for others it is comparable to a hurricane or tornado.  

Our storms are all different and the devastation it leaves in our lives may range from minor to horrific.  

We can’t compare the one storm to another.  They are ours and unfortunately we own or lease them!  

This storm small or vast will make you stronger .  It will give you a desire to be kinder and help others.

For today, look around, notice the struggles others are enduring .  This will help you scale your struggle.

  •  Change of attitude 
  • Pick up the broken parts (even if it’s your heart) and slowly let it mend.
  • If you feel beyond, don’t despair  there is ALWAYS SOMEONE THAT WANTS TI HELP YOU.

Please everyone be kind to others and never give up hope.

©Copyright: Roxie D.


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Challenge of Day One


You entered into this world by yourself, ( of course with the help of Mom and Dad). 
Those two people ( Mom and Dad) are the most important individuals in the world to you!  Cherish every moment you have with them!

Never forget this! 

Mine are so special to me !