Top Notch!!

Today I had a chimney man come here. Polite, professional and an upbeat personality! He climbed the roof, took photos and the verdict is I need to recline as well as put a cap on the chimney.  
The company is called Top Notch and they live up to their name! I discovered it is a family owned business based out of New York! 

He will be back tomorrow to clean out the chimney, reline the inside and place the cap!

Listening to customers and kindness go a long way these days!

#top notch
#chimney cleaners

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Dream On

This is so true!  I remember way back when I first started college I said “this is going to take a long time” and then I said “but then again what else am I going to be doing ? The years are going to go by and then I’ll say what did I do!”  It doesn’t matter how many years something takes the years go by fast!  As you get older, they go by faster!